Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Felting Fiasco! 

A couple of weekends ago I had a sudden, urgent need to felt. The only yarn I had that was felt-able was the leftover pink and black Dive Fiamma yarn I had bought for my garter stitch scarf, and I only had about half a ball of each left.

Making it up as I went along, I knit this cute little bag and strap:

Kind of cute, huh? In this picture the two sides of the bag had already been folded together and sewn. The pink flap is folded open and flat.

I was hoping I'd have enough yarn to make it bigger, but I didn't. I basically knit until I ran out. I knew it was going to be a tiny bag and I didn't know what I was going to do with it.

I threw the bag and the strap in the washing machine on hot with a pair of old jeans. After about 5 minutes I went to check on it and it was still soaking wet and felt a lot like a big, wet, hot, glob of dog hair. Don't ask how I know what a big, wet, hot, glob of dog hair feels like.

I started the washer again and decided to wait until just after it drained and started spinning. I went back upstairs and started untangling the yarn I had just bought for my friend Patrick's scarf (which is horribly late - sorry Patrick!) and got very wrapped up in both yarn and the season premeire of the Sopranos.

Needless to say, I completely forgot about the felting until the final spin cycle was almost finished. By the time I retreived the bag and strap they looked like this:

I think the strap is actually pretty cool, but the bag is obviously blown. One of the side seams came undone. This might be because I had to use red washable wool yarn to sew the peices together because I didn't have anything else left. It may have also been the shoddy and crude construction.

Oh well, it was a small amount of leftover yarn, and I think the strap is selvageable. It kind of looks like pink and black leopard print. I knit it with a strand of each held together. I've got some more yarn for felting coming in the mail but it's blue so it won't really work with the pink and black strap. I hope to make a usable bag out of it though.

BTW: Knitting + Audio books = FUN

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