Saturday, April 10, 2004

Baby Season 

Okay, since there are so many babies sprouting up everywhere (my friends, my cousin, my sister in law, etc.) I've been checking out baby patterns on knitting sites occasionaly. Today I came across Knittingbag.com and their selection of baby knitting kits. The cute little hat kits are supposedly "Easy" and are reasonably priced considering they include the pattern, the yarn, and any other necessary embellishments. Click here to see what I'm talking about.

As I set out to begin my holiday weekend-o-working, I am thinking... "How cool is that for a business idea?"

Knittingbag.com has really cool original patterns, that you can only get ahold of if you buy an entire kit from them. Most of the kits are pretty expensive though, because you pay full price for the yarn - and they do use nice yarn - but you also get a bag to keep your project in. Kind of a nice bonus. I have no idea what the bag is like. For all I know it's just a plastic shopping bag. I doubt it though.

I'm wondering if this website makes any money? Does anybody know anyone who has ever ordered anything from them? I just looked at their "About Us" page and I think the free knitting bag you get is pictured there. It actually looks pretty nice.

Hmmm,.... I'd like to learn how to design my own knitting patterns. As a matter of fact I've been working designing an original pattern for the sweater I am going to make for my friend Gina. I just got the yarn for it yesterday - a very nice yarn for 55% off retail from elann.com as a matter of fact.

But for now, the mission of creating easy to customize online performance support and training stands in my way....

Monday, April 05, 2004

Felting Frenzy! 

I know it's been so long since I posted that there probably isn't anyone reading this anymore, but I must share! Even if it's only with myself... I've been very busy lately (and sick) but I still managed to do some knitting.

I successfully completed the "Felted Marsupial Tote" from Stitch'n Bitch (minus marsupial pouch). This is a picture of it with stuff inside of it.

Notice the roll of toilet paper poking out. My head was full of snot that week so I carried TP with me everywhere. Also inside of the bag: my cell phone and charger, my iPod and charger, two baby blanket squares I had knit, the ribbon sweater I've been working on, and a measuring tape. There was still room to spare! The problem was, rather than carrying this instead of my purse, I carried it along with my purse. I have too much stuff.

I knit the bag using the same yarn the pattern recommended (Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted). I even used the same "Orange you glad" color for the top of it. I used "Brite Blue" for the bottom, which I got cheap on ebay because it's irregular and has little white flecks on it. You can't see them now that it's felted though.

Here is a picture of the bag before I felted it:

and then after felting on the same "model" :

The bag was really easy and fast to knit. I used size 15 Addi-Turbo 24 inch circular needles. I think these needles are now my favorites.

I was inspired by the way the strap of my Felting Fiasco bag so I also bought some more pink and black yarn (Brown Sheep this time) to make another felted bag. I'm going to make the base and pick up stitches like the Marsupial bag but then I'm going to experiment a bit. I hope it goes better than last time.

I've also been working on the Kyoto sweater from Knitty. I finished the back peice and started the obi sash waist thing. I still think it will kind of look like an old lady sweater, but I'll wear it, damn it!

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