Sunday, May 16, 2004

Gratuitous Photos 

This might take a while to load. Apologies all around.

First on the agenda: triangles.

Last Friday night I knit this kerchief for Chris's birthday:

The picture was taken before I wove in the yarn ends and sewed on the ties. I knit it with Lion Brand Cotton-Ease.

I also found my own formerly MIA "kitschy kerchief":

It was knit with Red Heart Tweed acrylic. TWICE now I have been carded for cigarettes while wearing this thing. This implies that I could pass for 17 while wearing it. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. (BTW - I know I need to quit smoking, thank you very much.)

After knitting Chris's kerchief, I was inspired to unravel this:

combine it with my one and a half remaining balls of yummy Skacel Babilonia:

and make this:

here I am wearing it from behind:

and from the front:

I'm such a dork.

I knit it back and forth on size 17 circulars in one day. The next morning I added the fringe. I just started with one stitch and then increased two stitches every row until I ran out of yarn. Mmmmm,... so soft and squishy.

Next on the agenda: ill fitting sweaters.

Both Debbie and Amy have suggested that I try some elastic thread to make the ribbon sweater from my last post fit a little better. This sounds like a good idea, and I think I'll try it. BTW, it did not fit Sarah, and she told me she didn't think it would really fit any human properly at this point. Thanks Sarah.

In other ill fitting news, I had to unravel the "obi-sash" part of my Kyoto sweater again because it was just too huge. I finally measured my gauge in double seed stitch and realized it was way different than my gauge in stockinette stitch, which is what the rest of the sweater is knit in. So I did the math, cast on fewer stitches and started again. Hopefully third times the charm. Here is the back and the partial obi-sash:

Next on the agenda: Too many WIP's!

In addition to the above mentioned Kyoto sweater, I'm also still working on this sweater for Gina:

I've finished the back of it so far. I'm knitting it in Katia Ola, a cotton/rayon wide ribbon yarn I got from elann.com. I hate using it because it twists so much, but I love the way it looks. The way the fabric looks reminds me of frosting for some reason. I want to eat it.

I'm also making this seamless raglan sweater using the instructions in "Knitting Around" by Elizabeth Zimmerman:

I'm using the wool/silk yarn I got from Brooks Farm and Fiber at the MD Sheep and Wool festival. This is my favorite yarn EVER. It's so soft and easy to knit, and the stitches are all perfect and even. The little parts that look white in the picture are actually grey, and don't look as bright in person.

So I need to finish something so I can start a new project. Right now I really want to make this sweater (it's the one on the left) from the Adrienne Vittadini spring pattern book and this sweater from Phildar (the one with the sleeves).

Somebody stop me!!!!

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