Friday, November 12, 2004

The Winner 

After much deliberation I have made a decision on the colors for my Ribby Cardi. Pink and brown it is. This is the same brown that was used in the sample sweater on elann.com and Chicknits.com, although it looks lighter. I wonder which is more accurate?

Anyway, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I love so many other combinations so much... If they have this yarn for a while yet I might have to buy some more combos for other smaller projects. Right now I need to go on a yarn diet!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

As if I need more yarn... 

I cannot resist the magnificent deal Elann.com is currently running on Peruvian Highland Wool. They have 85 different colors! And the two tone Ribby Cardi looks so cool! I know that pretty much every other knit blogger out there is also buying the stuff, and most of them are making the Chicknits.com Ribby Cardi also, but I've never been ashamed to jump on a bandwagon when it comes to knitting.

I have managed to narrow down seven color combinations from the 85 (did I mention that?) colors available. I know there are only a couple of people reading this, but if you could leave a comment and let me know which combo you like best I'd really appreciate it. I don't know that I'll actually follow your advice, but I'll appreciate it. I'm partially doing this just so I can look at them and think about it myself.

So here are the contenders:

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I have a problem 

I've been a bad blogger. It's not because I've been really busy, or because I quit smoking and I can't deal with it. It's because I can't stop knitting. I have a problem.

Since the last time I posted I've made this:

(Two rectangles knit out of Noro Kureyon #116)

and this:

(Yarn Harlot's fabulous poncho pattern knit with the softest merino yarn I've ever touched from handpaintedyarn.com in "Tobaco")

and this:

(Klaralund from Noro Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Collection Book Number 2 in Noro Silk Garden #88)

and these:

(Everything else I've started, worked on, and/or finished since my last post. Clockwise from top left: Not so great "Kate" sweater from the Spring 04 Phildar magazine, Multidirectional scarf in Noro Silk Garden, Good Ole' Cabled scarf from Yarn-A-Go-Go in Plymouth Indeceta Alpaca, "Lara" from the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk collection in the very yummy Alpaca Silk, a side to side knit scarf in two different shades of Manos del Uruguay, a lacy scarf I've started with some Cherry Tree Hill handpainted merino yarn using the "Petite Lace" pattern from Barbara Walker's "Treasury of Charted Knitting Patterns," some swatches for an Aran sweater I'm going to make for my husband James, an H2O hat from Chicknits in Colinette Point Five, two of four balls of handspun yarn in "Azul Bolita" from handpaintedyarn.com that I started to turn into yet another poncho but then realized were completely different in color and weight, and last but not least, a hat that I made in the leftover Silk Garden from Klaralund is in the center. Not pictured: EZ percentage system seamless sweater in a wool/silk blend I bought at the MD Sheep and Wool festival from Brooks Fiber Farm.)

Wow. I feel like a binge eater who just wrote down everything she ate today in a food journal. Shocked, but sort of like a weight has been lifted at the same time. It's still no excuse not to post an update on my blog once in a while. I always said if I had to choose my favorite among the seven deadly sins it would be a toss up between gluttony and sloth.

So, I've made a resolution - either I'll make updates to this blog at least once a week or I'll take it down and replace it with a photo gallery instead of a constant source of shame.

We'll see how it goes.

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